Keri Smith challenges us to “collect only very small things” in a small container. I took this as collect small things that prove interesting to you. I decided to collect my items while strolling the beach. My Altoids box contains a pure white shell and a half-way opened clam covered in sand. A small strand of used, dirty, broken mardi-gra beads that survived a crazy weekend. A barnacle with a purple tint and a small seagull feather. Some casual fabric found on the beach sprinkled with crushed seashells. My Altoids box is bound with, what looks like, old fishing string used to collect fish to take home and eat.

I went to Galveston, Texas this weekend and decided to conduct my exploration there! It was eyeopening to actually take in my surroundings. I very seldom stare at the ground when I walk. It was refreshing to see the ground, and in this case the shore, as something to observe. You never know what you are missing out on unless you take the time to look down.

As Keri Smith states, “Everything is interesting.”