For this exploration, I went to the school’s Dulaney-Browne Library. Located on the third floor is the non-fiction collections. As a part of the exploration, I was supposed to pick a topic or theme and then find relative books. 

At first, I chose Law. It seemed like a fairly broad subject that could be open to many interesting interpretations (which I’m sure there still are), but all I inevitably ended up finding was large, plain books about the law. In Layman’s terms, a snooze fest.

Next, instead of just picking a topic at random, I decided to walk around the third floor until something just popped out at me. After walking through several aisles of books ranging from eduction to biology, I stumbled upon the television and entertainment section. Boy was that a diverse section!


Here, books ranged from “Big Bird & Beyond” to “The New TV: A Comprehensive Survey Of High Definition Television.” 

ImageImageAfter reading through many similar books about production and design techniques, the social effects of TV, and Big Bird (Who doesn’t love Big Bird after all?) I realized that TV isn’t just some industry where D-list acts get reality shows. It’s about the people and communicating. A show can influence its viewer, either through social commentary or portrayal of real life events. We become truly invested into our television programming and that is due to the fact that SOOOO much goes into it. 

I have always seen television as a glamorous industry, but this exploration taught me how to see it as a science as well as an art. It also taught me to realize all the pieces that go into the things around us such as television, or the internet, or coffee. Everything is Three Dimensional, but not everyone will see it in the same direction.