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Continuing on with my personal interest of the Oklahoma City University Greek life past, I completed my pins over the former OCU chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order. Also, I decided to include something fun in my pins that didn’t solely deal with the Kappa Alphas. After doing some research on the Rice House, the original house of the Kappa Alphas that was replaced by Walker Center, I found that members of a car club used to meet in front of the house. These people were known as the Studebaker Club; from pictures I deduced they were members of the community as there was no information on them in the archives.  Coming into this course, I never even guessed that I would have so much fun doing archival research. To me, doing this project essentially gave me a glimpse into the past and inevitably makes me happy to have the OCU campus as it is now (even though we did get rid of a pretty awesome bowling alley). I find it so fascinating to see the changes in a community, such as OCU, over the years and the effect that world events play on a seemingly irrelevant place (i.e. Charles Lindberg visiting the school or women participating in collegiate sports due to all of the men fighting in a world war). It is my hope that the next group of honors students that take this course continue on with this historical research and have as much fun doing it as I have.