It was extremely hard for me to decide on a final HistoryPin topic. I originally wanted to focus on ‘Alvin,’ namesake of Alvin’s Cafe at Oklahoma City University, but there weren’t enough artifacts to pin. Consequently, I decided to choose any artifact(s) located around or near the Administration building and the Administration building itself. The Clara E. Jones Administration building was one of the first structures built on the Oklahoma City University campus. OCU first opened as “Oklahoma City College” in 1919.

Archival research was conducted in the Oklahoma City University Archives. We spent numerous class periods carefully shuffling through piles of unorganized historical photographs. Because the building is so old, there were many photographs featuring the  Administration building and many artifacts in the courtyard. Each student searched through different boxes of photographs and picked out any photograph concerning a chosen topic. Some artifacts are still there, while some have been demolished or relocated.

The statue of the “Pioneer Preacher” is a very prominent monument. It honestly would have been hard not to choose this artifact. The story behind the “Pioneer Preacher” is fascinating.

The sundial is simply an interesting historical, now nonexistent, artifact.

The  historical photograph was found in the boxes mentioned above, and I found that the Piersol dedication plaque remains in the courtyard, but the fountain is gone for reasons I have been unable to find.

The two pictures of the exterior of the Administration building were chosen because they either, were suitable for a street display or showed the “Oklahoma City College” engraving.