For me, the Historypin project was great for curiosity’s sake because I got the chance to explore some of OCU’s hidden secrets and widely known artifacts across campus. Through all the ups and downs, the project definitely brought me closer to the history of the university as a whole. After doing research in the archives, I was able to come face to face with a few of OCU’s most interesting and strange artifacts. Once I was assigned to focus on the Bishop W. Angie Smith Chapel area, I became acquainted with various files and photographs in the archives that encompassed my zone. For me, I feel the research I did for the campus tour is the most beneficial for people wanting to understand the history and the creative minds behind many of the buildings and sculptures surrounding the chapel. When I go on tours, those are the things I typically want to hear, so I figured that those were the details I should include. Overall, I hope that people gain a better understanding of OCU after they embark on their campus tour.